Abstract Announcement

NOID NameScopes Paper Tittle
1BC-01Firda Aulya SyamaniBiocompositeUtilization Of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) And Corncob (Zea Mays) As Insulation Material In Epoxy-Based Panel For Cool Box Application
2BC-02IsmadiBiocompositePhysical And Mechanical Properties Of Polyester Hybrid Composites With Natural Fiber Laminate-Pu Adhesive 
3BC-03Idiahstuty LestariBiocompositeCharacteristics Of Laminated Wood From Red Jabon Using Tannin Adhesive Mahogany Bark With The Addition Of Additive  From Extract Crescentia Cujete
4BC-04Sasa Sofyan MunawarBiocompositeEvaluation Of Physical, Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Sandwich Panels Of Polyurethane Foam And Coconut Husk Fiber
5BC-05Ulfa AdzkiaBiocompositeThe Coating’s Effect On Acoustic Properties Of Bamboo’s Particle Boardsb
6BC-06Alfira Ramadhani PutriBiocompositePhysical And Mechanical’sproperties Of Oriented Flattened Bamboo Board
7BC-07Greitta Kusuma DewiBiocompositeMaltodextrin-Based Adhesive Properties For Particleboard Application
8BC-08Arif NuryawanBiocompositeUtilization Of Branches And Twigs Of Mangrove Trees As Raw Material Of Wood Pellets And Briquettes
9BC-09Tamaryska SetyayunitaBiocompositePreliminary Study Of Nacl Treatment On The Characteristic Of Kenaf Fiber/Epoxy Compositeboard
10BC-10Yusup AminBiocompositeCharacteristics Of Particle Board From Sorgum (Sorghum Bicolor L) And Nipa Fruit Skin (Nypa Fructicans Wurmb) Fiber Using Citric Acid-Sucrose Adhesive
11BC-11Yusuf Sudo HadiBiocompositePhysical-Mechanical Properties Of Impregnated Polystyrene Mangium (Acacia Mangium) Glulam
12WQ-01Isna Yuniar WardhaniWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementThe Existence Of Tight Knots Of Gelam (Melaleuca Spp) And Its Relationship With Static Bending Strength (Moe And Mor) And Strength Rasio
13WQ-02Imam WahyudiWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementRadial Variation In Anatomical Structure Of Surian Wood
14WQ-04Kidung Tirtayasa Putra PangestuWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementHelical Cutting Tool Edge For Eco-Friendly Milling Of Wood-Based Materials
15WQ-05Fanny HidayatiWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementPhysical And Mechanical Properties Of Acacia Auriculiformis On Three Different Thinning Intensities In Gunungkidul
16WQ-06Naresworo NugrohoWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementCross-Species Bamboo Grading Based On Flexural Properties 
17WQ-07Andi Detti YuniantiWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementAnatomical Structure Of Several Bamboo At The Same Allele Position From The Broad Relation Level
18WQ-08Trisna PriadiWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementThe Resistance Of Heat-Modified Fast Growing Woods Against Decay Fungi
19WQ-09Ninin IstrianaWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementThe Durability Of Modified Manii Wood By Double Impregnation Of Boric Acid And Chitosan Or Glycerol
20WQ-10AndoantoWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementWood Anatomy Structure And Phytochemistry Of Some Wood Species In Mangrove Forest
21WQ-11Aulina Ruth Emmisari SilalahiWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementLaboratory Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of Pine Wood Pellets With Hexaflumuron Active Against The Subterranean Termite Coptotermes Curvignathus Holmgren
22WQ-12M. Miftah RahmanWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementWood Id Knowledge Management For Education
23WQ-13Irma WahyuningtyasWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementEffect Of Furfuryl Alcohol And Nano-Silica Impregnation Treatment On Dimensional Stability And Density Of Wood Ganitri
24WQ-14Gilang Dwi LaksonoWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementDemarcation Area Between Juvenile And Mature Wood In Elaeocarpus Angiustifolius
25WQ-15Tomy ListyantoWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementDensity, Extractive Content, And Natural Durability Of Balsa Wood (Ochroma Pyramidale) At 3 And 4 Years-Old
26WQ-16Puti Alifia SabrinaWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementColor Changes And Resistance Against Subterranean Termites Attack Of Furfuryl Alcohol Impregnated Pine And Sengon Woods Through Graveyard Test
27WQ-17Dodi NandikaWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementInfestation Of Subterranean Termite On Young Cajuput Plantation In Java Island, Indonesia And Its Related Ecological Aspects
28WQ-18Andi Tri LestariWood Characteristics and Quality ImprovementWettability and Treatability of Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) wood from NTB
29NC-01Riksfardini Annisa ErmawarNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryMicrowave-Assisted Extraction And Characterisation Of Pectin From Pineapple Biomass
30NC-02Putri AmandaNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryEffect Of Different Treatments On Fibrillation Process With Ultrafine Grinder On The Properties Of Cellulose Nanofibrils 
31NC-03Renhart JemiNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryOleocrine Activity Of Baekea Frutescens Againt Pleurotus Astreatus
32NC-04Muhammad Adly Rahandi LubisNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryEnhancing Thermal Stability Of Ramie Fibers Via Impregnation With Lignin-Based Bio-Polyurethane Resins
33NC-05Widya FatriasariNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryThe Characteristics Of Several Sugarcane Trash Lignin: The Effect Of Pretreatment And Lignin Isolation Methods
34NC-06MasendraNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryPolyphenol Contents And Free Radical Scavenging Activity Of Pinus Merkusii Cone 
35NC-07Rizki MaharaniNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryComparison Of Eleutherine Bulbosa Derivated Products As An Immunostimulant Supplement In Preventing Covid-19 Transmission
36NC-08SyahidahNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryVerification Of 4cl Specific Primer Design For Color Coding Gene And Phylogenetic On Nyamplung Wood (Calophyllum Inophyllum)
37NC-09Istie Sekartining RahayuNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryCharacteristics Of Impregnated Wood By Nano Silica From Bamboo Leaves
38NC-10Rini PujiartiNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryEffect Of Particle Size And Extraction Methods On Coconut  (Cocos Nucifera Linn.) Root Extraction As Fabric Dye
39NC-11Gina Meliana SabilaNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryWashing And Chopping Pre-Treatment Of Vetiver Roots (Vetiveria Zizainoides (L.) Nash) Effect On Vetiver Oil Extraction And Distillation Time
40NC-12Siti Sarah AgniaNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryThe Influence Of Washing And Sun-Drying Pretreatment On  Vetiver Root (Vetiveria Zizanioides (L) Nash) On The Yield Of Vetiver Oil Using Water And Steam Distillation Method
41NC-13Herman Marius ZendratoNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryEnergy Activation Of The Torch Ginger Chemical Components
42NC-14Chaerunisa SephiaNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryEffect Of Chopping Treatment And Storage Time Of Vetiveria Zizainoides (L.) Nash. On Vetiver Oil Yield
43NC-15Yanico Hadi PrayogoNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryAntitermitic Properties Of Extractives From Mindi (Melia Azedarach) 
44NC-16Faizatul FalahNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryEffect Of Storage Time And Dilution On The Characteristic Of Isolated Kraft Lignin From Acacia Mangium
45NC-17Nyoman J. WistaraNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryBiopellet From Demineralized Oil Palm Trunk 
46NC-18Muhammad MajiiduNanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryUse Of Portable Sequencer Minion Oxford Nanopore Technologies To Support Understory Vegetation Study 
47NC-19Arga Pramudita Nanotechnology and Forest Product chemistryThe Characteristics Of The Cajuput Oil Based On The Leaves Refining Time
48GF-01Enos Tangke ArungGeneral ForestryPotency Of Stingless Bees Honey In East And North Kalimantan For Medicine
49GF-02Messalina L SalampessyGeneral ForestryCommunity Knowledge And Involvement In Mangrove Ecosystem Management In The Coastal Of Muara Gembong Bekasi
50GF-03Tien WahyuniGeneral ForestryCommunity Empowerment With Agroforestry Pattern Approach In Khdtk Sebulu, East Kalimantan  
51GF-04Ahmad JunaediGeneral ForestryGrowth And Quality Of Geronggang (Cratoxylum Arborescens) Seedling In Different Types Of Growing Mediums And Containers 
52GF-05Asep SuheriGeneral ForestryWatershed Base For Forest Management 
53GF-06Asep SuheriGeneral ForestryRevegetation Of The Sentul City Towards The Green City  
54GF-07FazriyasGeneral ForestryPerformance Analysis Of Production Forest Management Unit In Jambi Province
55GF-08Ira TaskirawatiGeneral ForestryPine Fruit As A Media For Planting White Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus)
56GF-09GusmailinaGeneral ForestryThe Biochar Revolution, Tools, Technology For Sustainable Urban And Small-Scale Agriculture
57GF-10Fifi Gus DwiyantiGeneral ForestryAssembly Draft Of The Chloroplast Genome Of Diospyros Rumphii Using Long-Reads Sequencing
58GF-11Sitti LatifahGeneral ForestryThe Species Composition And Endemicity Structure Of Flora Malesiana In The Urban Forest Of Mataram University, Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara
59GF-12Lutfy AbdulahGeneral ForestryThe Use Of Marketing Monitoring System Web Application To Estimate Cempaka Wasian Wood Product Consumption Level In North Sulawesi, Indonesia
60GF-13Faujiah Nurhasanah Ritonga General Forestry Abiotic stresses induced physiological, biochemical, and molecular changes in Betula platyphylla: a review
61GF-14Abyadul Fitriyah General Forestry Survey of Macaca fascicularis’s Behaviour in Mount Rinjani National Park, Lombok Timur
62GF-15Andi Chairil Ichsan General Forestry Land Use Conflict Mapping In Mount Rinjani National Park Pesangrahan Village East Lombok District
63GF-16Rato Firdaus Silamon General Forestry Mixed stand effects on understory diversity: an overview from Indonesian forest.
64GF-17Riswan Hadi Saputra General Forestry hermal Environmental Condition within an Urban Tropical Forest: A Case Study of USM Lake Area